Wheels demo 1.5

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use the arrow keys to move around. press and hold up arrow to jump. PLEASE DOWNLOAD!

**object types:
grey circle -- wheel
blue rectangle thing -- platform
yellow transparent circle -- bubble
guy with brown hair, red shirt -- YOU!
green guy -- an enemy guy

left/right arrow keys -- move from side to side while on a wheel or platform
up arrow key -- hold down then release to jump
move mouse - direct the bubble
mouse distance from bubble -- how fast
mouse over bubble -- pops the bubble
Over time, the bubble will change color and then pop. Be prepared.
they spin. some faster, some slower, some are bigger, some are smaller. when jumping, timing is everything. oh, and one of them orbits another.
platforms can be very versatile. There is not a single instance of the platform class that is not just an extension of it. some spin like wheels, some are elevators, some are like hover-disks.
when you have landed on a platform, walk around. if you walk over the side of a platform, you'll go onto the other side.
he's your enemy. his main attack is stalking you when your on his land and staring at you in a menacing manner. He hopes that it will cause you to jump off and possibly fall to your death. on the inside, he only hates you because he is jealous that he does not know how to jump to other places, and is pretty lonely.
you jump around. when you get ready to jump, a little arrow appears over your head, and you turn darker.

***** About this Project *****

I did this project over a year ago and I got a lot of stuff done. A big thing this was about was testing what I could do with Scratch in terms of using some of the features, and about making an engine for a cool game I thought of.

I recently went back to it and I downloaded and looked at the code. WOW! it had so much things in it. I refreshed my memory by playing it and examining the code, then I made a new type of thing, called a bubble. the bubble works differently, it broadcasts the player. but only the player can use the bubble right now.

Then, I realized that I still had some glitches with the landing on the platforms. I looked at my code, thought "what in the world was I thinking, this makes no sense at all!" and I scrapped it all. With my new knowlege of vectors and how to use them (last math class we had a test about them, like the distance from a point to a plane, and normal vectors, & stuff like that), I made a quick & simple formula and it works like a charm.

Oh, I also added an elevator platform. why don't you try figuring out how it works? ;)

remixers welcomed! the objects are intended to be representative of classes!

if you want more, press love-it!

**** MORE: HOW TO REMIX ****
This is intended for remix. I am not going to make a full game because I really don't enjoy doing level design. I know some other people do enjoy that stuff though, so I hope you try. if you do, here's a guide:

* Wheel ( X, Y, radius, speed )
to create a new wheel, just duplicate a wheel. really any wheel. wheel6 is special though. it is a Satellite_Wheel. you can make other wheels that move and stuff, just be careful. I suggest not removing any code.

WHEN YOU MAKE THE NEW WHEEL, NAME IT SOMETHING (like Wheel7 or something descriptive like that) AND ADD "Wheel7" (or whatever the name is) TO THE LIST "Wheels"

Now, in the wheel scripts, there are a few parameters: radius, speed, X, and Y. all objects have X and Y. they are just the object's location. it can be changed in another script. The radius is changed by changing the size variable (in looks). The speed is basically just how fast it rotates.

* Platform ( X, Y, length, thickness)
The platform is really extendible. you should probably not make it perfectly flat because then, the only way to get off is by jumping off the bottom.
When you create a new Platform, first name it something (like Platform4) and then add that name to the "Platforms" list. Also, if you want it to interact with the Environment, change it where the thing says "source of Player = [Platform_Name]" to the platform's name.
You can change the platform's costume in the costume editor to make it longer or shorter. you can even remove the little bar thingies; they don't matter except for consistency's sake. But you need to then set size to 100%, find out what the new length is, and then put this in the thing in the block of code at the bottom ( "set size to 30%" "set thickness to 35 * size / 100 " "set length to ### * size / 100 " ) and you can change the size here also.
Then, in its script, define how it interacts. If you can program well, you can make it do some fancy stuff; otherwise, you could make it spin or something.

* Bubble (X, Y)
I only have made one of these, so I have only a few guidelines: Add its name to "Bubbles" list, and put it in any location.
maybe you could change how long it lasts for, but try to make it clear how much time is left by changing what the color effect is. maybe you could also make it pop if it goes to a certain location or touches something.

* Enemy ( source, motion mode, ... )
These are tricky. I suggest you copy Enemy1, add his name to "characters" (even though it isn't being used for anything yet), and maybe change its costumes or something.Or change its behavior. basically copy a couple movement / action scripts from Player and make it controlled by an AI. AI is tricky. Enemy1's AI makes him smart enough to randomly change direction every once in a while, and to follow Player when he is on the Enemy1's territory.
Maybe you could make it a Friend1 instead of an Enemy2. maybe you could make it talk. maybe you could make it have spikes that push the Player off of the planet. I don't know.

have fun! scratch on!

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