CS017's Fast Cloud List Base-16 (Outdated)

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+FCL.GetList (List) from (String)

+FCL.SaveList (List) to (Variable)

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It is a hexadecimal formula cloud list which can read and write at high speed.
It corresponds to the alphabet and major symbols (it can also be increased). Because it is a hexadecimal expression, although processing speed is inferior to decimal expression, it is characterized by being able to handle about 2.5 times the character type of decimal expression.

You can reduce or increase corresponding characters by changing initialization processing part. (Up to 255 characters)

<How to use the definition>
+ FCL.Initialization
# Initialization processing. Please execute it once at the beginning.

+ FCL.GetList (List) from (String)
# Decode from the encrypted data and write it to the list. For the argument, specify the write destination list and cloud variable.

+ FCL.SaveList (List) to (Variable)
# Encode the list and write it to the variable. For the argument, specify the list you want to save and the variable of the save destination.

Notes and Credits

Scratch Teamが16進数をクラウド変数に書き込むことを制限した為、このプロジェクトは現在使用できません。



Base-10 : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/176270775/
Base-22 : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/176020933/

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