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Welcome to Climberman, a game with joystick controls.
Climb up the world's biggest tree while dodging many obstacles! :D
★[Drag the Joystick / Arrow keys / WASD] - Move player
★Dodge obstacles such as flying pigs, rocks, evil kittens, rockets
and ninjas.
★Don't panic. Every obstacle/enemy is avoidable.
★Collect power-ups by touching them.

Or you can just watch this helpful video of @kosus playing this.
On mobile?
★This game runs faster in Phosphorus. :)
You can also play this on your touch screen mobile device by going on the link below on your mobile device!
The flying pigs would really appreciate it if you gave this a love-it! ^.^
★My Timberman game got 60,000 views, so I decided to make a
game with a similar title in honor of it. The gameplay is different :)
★What is considered a good score? There's no boundary but I'd
say above 1000m. Comment if you got over 1000m!
★#1 trending project 4 projects in a row! Thanks everybody! <3
★10k views in 3 days! Thanks!
★Thanks for 6650 followers!
★I spent a really long time making this. <3
★Music: PaperAirplaneBoy aka @Tildo - Cherry Bomb.
Listen to his catchy songs here:

@Will_Wam for designing the ninja enemies that are originally
from his popular sequel.
★YouTube, @theChAOTiC and @Will_Wam for sound effects.
★Semi-transparent clouds from Google Images.
★Mountaineer on for heavy game inspiration.
★Nintendo for inspiring the tree's design.
@kevin_eleven_1234 for coding this game and designing fonts
and graphics.
★I'd like to thank many beta testers for helping me find glitches.
Some beta testers and glitch finders are:
My apologies if I forgot to mention anyone. Just comment below if
you were a beta tester and you'll be included.
★Mind giving a ❤️‍ and ⭐️ if you enjoyed? Thank you! :-)
★Follow to become noticed by me and to stay updated on
upcoming games!
★I honestly wouldn't've been able to be where I am today without the help from you. <3

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