MoonClan's Destiny Season 1 Sypnosises

by snernow
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WIP PRoject but I still owe y'all

Genre : Comedy, Tragedy, Silce of Life(? For Wild cats?)

Key :
No#) Title : Sypnosis

0) It was Infested : Back in the day, even before good ol' mom'n'dad were together, there was this one incident...
1) Koi As a Fish : Dwindlekit bugs her mother, but things don't go her way.
2) Childhood was Then : Tawnyfinch gets way too dramatic while telling the kids a story.
3) A Grounded Bird :
4) Short and Pale and Old and Lovely : Mistywing wants to show Dwindlekit that she's not the scariest out there.
5) A Midspring Night Dream : A mother reminisces about the good old days.
6) And There Were Some : Tawnyfinch is in a poppy-seed induced coma.
7) Sleeping Tawny : Someone's in big, big trouble. You simply do not accidentally poison your mother!
8) Orchid You Not : Desertkit loses something precious to her. Will Dwindlekit help her find it?
9) Romantic Grousepaw! Part 1 : Dwindlekit is getting mixed signals from one of her Clanmates.
10) Romantic Grousepaw! Part 2 : Is it true love?
11) Romantic Grousepaw! Part 3 : Someone realizes they're too young to be in the gossip trade.
12) The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree : Crowpaw gets to spar with Acornpaw.
13) In Her Eyes, I See : A few arguments lead a pair of high soarers crashing into the ground.
14) If You Want to Mess with Eagles : Ya gotta learn how to fly.
15) Summertime Pt 1 - Sadness : A poor aftermath leaves the redness of her heart drain.
16) Summertime Pt 2 - Snow : She's a bit of a flirt; 'course I won't give her a chance.
17) The Three Musketeers: MoonClan is in danger. Falconstar is out of control. She won't stop until every warrior bows down to her!
18) It was Infested Pt 2 - A look back into the past gives Eaglegale chills.
19) Happy 1/12th birthday! : Dwindlekit is finally a moon old.
20) Koicho and Birchcrossius : The kits want to be entertained, but they can't- not by normal means, anyway.
21) Bluebelly's Secret : A silly scene turns into chaos. Some names are thrown out and it all ends horribly.
22) Three Elders and a Kit : Stormchill tries to ignore Applespring.
23) Take On You! : Something goes terribly wrong in the nursery.
24) Winterstar is Coming to Town : You better not cry!
25) Severing Our Ties : A funny discovery leaves the trio in tatters.
Season Finale } 26) The New Apprentice and Pallidpaw : Dwindlekit fears that she will lose all of her friends. Well, two. Two is all.

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