Infinite Cloud Multiplayer Base V10

by zsiegel
See inside

To-do: Simulate player leaving location?
Coming next: Safe chat!
Coming next: Costumes!

This is a fully multiplayer game. It supports an unlimited amount of players.

To get to a different place, move to the edge of the screen.

Click your mouse around the screen to move, and invite some friends to play (or use two of your own accounts) :)
As long as you are not a "New Scratcher", you will be able to play with whoever else is on this project.

Notes and Credits

How to remix and use this project:

How to make a virtual world: Coming soon

How to turn this project into a game:
**To add different locations**
Simply add a new backdrop to the stage and number it. For example, if it is the 3rd backdrop, name it "3". It's that simple!

To get to a different location, move to the side of the screen.

The purpose of this project is to be built up upon! If you notice, the scripts for "LocalPlayer" are very simple. I tried to make modifying this game as simple as possible. As long as you keep the wait block before all of your scripts and the forever loop in your local player, the program will function.

For example, if you wanted to turn this into a platformer, just modify the current scripts and add gravity just as you would with a singleplayer game. It's that simple!

I encourage people to remix this project/take scripts from this project AS LONG AS THEY GIVE CREDIT.

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