Stupid in school (Undertale Animatic)

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Notes and Credits

Press the green flag twice or more incase it lags,,
Every time the flag is pressed tem gets muns for colleg-

It's the 23rd of September on the day I'm uploading this-
Apparently the world is gonna end today lol
((Weird it says I shared it on the 18th of august when I actually shared it on the 23rd of September xD))

Audio: Brian Regan - Stupid in School
Art: @PrimordialChaos
Program used: Clip studio paint pro and scratch
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Random images were found on bing (I betrayed everyone by searching something up with bing lmao)

ack-- this took ages to edit lol

if anybody hasn't noticed then chara is probably my favourite character xD I can't stop drawing them lol

probably why I drew them instead of sans for this lol
Also I guess chara is like my mascot ;w; (a bit like how sls's mascot is scootaloo I guess idk,,)

btw I made a reference to boxen in this animatic that I made last Christmas when I had like 100 followers? I don't remember xD:

EDIT: WHOO!! thanks for top loved!! <3

EDIT: ok guys, if the word at the end was a swear I would've removed it- but the thing is it isn't a swear word. I checked and it should still be suitable for scratch.

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