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The Story:
Flystar (The white tom) Has guided River Clan to the highstones during a flood. Everyone is safe, Except for him. He struggled to get up the mountain, Then, When he finally got up, He was too weak to stay up there. He knew it was his time to leave, so he said his goodbyes to His mate, who was the deputy, Mapletail (The calico). Before all this had happened, She had lost her previous mate, Applepaw (The Ginger tom) to a car on the thunderpath. She was losing her second mate now. She mourned him greatly, and when Flystar went to star clan, He was met by Applepaw, who then informed him that He was planned to have a second life. After that, Flystar became a kit again. But he was't Flystar anymore. He was Driftkit. The funny thing is, He came back as His own kit! All though Driftkit didn't know that he was Flystar, He Heard voices in his head that echoed: "EVERYONE GET TO THE HIGHSTONES!" And: "Flystar!" Eventually, When He Became an apprentice, There was another flood and he Yelled the one thing that he had known which was: "EVERYBODY GET TO THE HIGHSTONES!!" During the flood, He realized who he truly was. He had explained it to Maplestar in the form of a story, Hoping she'd understand. She did, And then when the flood ended, She made Driftpaw a warrior, his warrior name being "Driftsplash".

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