Gridlock - HD Platformer

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Notes and Credits

Hi, Scratchers,

This is my second "Real" project, and yes, it's a platforming game. Don't click the flag now, though! Read this quick overview first, and if you're still interested, check over the rest.
*Quick Review*
---------------------------------------------------Arrows Keys: Move around.
Avoid Blinking platforms, they are fake, and you will fall through them.
Hitting the big "G"s will stop Gravity and send you skywards for a short while.
Hitting the spinning arrows will send you in the direction of the arrow. User beware, they can rocket you right down to the depths.
The little + Signs give you +1 Life.
---------------------------------------------------Extra Information (If you're interested)
---------------------------------------------------Inside the script, there are various notes describing various parts of the scripts. These aren't thorough, but you can always ask me questions via comments if you'd like to understand a certain part.
---------------------------------------------------Story? Well, I had a story, once upon a time. Got an idea for a story? Post it here!
---------------------------------------------------Cheers! - 3DBlenderRender

Graphics Created -
Platforming Finished -
Random Aspect created -
Fooling the user aspect created -
Added several obstacles -
Death and Life Added -
---------------------------------------------------Ready for Publishing.

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