The Scratch Style Challenge

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Notes and Credits

Welcome to "The Scratch Style Challenge" *dun dun dun*
It is based on the classic "Five Style Challenge" where you draw in any other style, such as TV shows, cartoons, etc.
In this challenge, all you have to do is remix and draw yourself or your OC in your own style, and then FIVE other Scratchers' art styles.

These are the styles I drew in :)
- My style ( @ExperienceSea)
1. ceebee's style ( @ceebee*)
2. EllaPHNT's style ( @EllaPHNT)
3. bubble103's style ( @bubble103)
4. cinnabungirl13's style ( @cinnabungirl13)
5. ipzy's style ( @ipzy)

For the last step, tag ten other people! I tag:
- @ceebee*
- @EllaPHNT
- @bubble103
- @cinnabungirl13
- @ipzy
- @Glitter15
- @-Coralreef-
- @kevin_eleven_1234
- @jd76
- @Rosyda
- AND YOU!!!

The two big rules are:

I hope you all have fun and I hope you like this tag thing :)

And I hope you all like how I drew in these styles :) (if I drew in your style and you don't like it, I can take it down if you want :-/ )

Thanks for top loved and top remixed!

-- Credits --
- Credit to the respectable artists for their artwork (see the banner to the side, or look above :P)
- All art in this project was drawn by me, @ExperienceSea in the Scratch Vector Editor
- The font is Amatic SC from Google drawings
- Music is Surf by Hyper Potions (and swiped from @TheSuperSquib, ty!)

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