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8/10 - What the Community is LOVING!!!

Hey Scratchers! Here's a new animation that's pretty interesting and I'm pretty sure you'll like it... Let me know your thoughts!

Happy SCRATCH PET MONTH! If you don't know what SPM is, it is an event for August created by members of the Scratch community where users temporarily change their icons to a picture or drawing of their pet. The official studio is here:
The dog in the animation is referencing my dog, who's picture is currently set as my icon for SPM. She's pretty cute, eh? :3

Anyway... Flies are pretty annoying, aren't they? They say you can make your own fly trap with an empty soda bottle and using apple cider vinegar...

Special Thanks:

Staunton Wooden Chess Set with Drawers
The Fly who supplied the Buzzing Sound
Triggered Sound

Question of the Project: Do you frequently get flies? And if you do, do they annoy you?
Scratcher of the Project: @Captian_Cheese (He has it spelled "Captian")

Time: Approx. 55 Seconds

Outro Music: Pink Panther Theme

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll see you in my next project! Bye!

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