Some of my Music

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These songs were made by me.
They are in an album called "Death by Carwash"
You can get it for free on under the artist name Hiperphonic.

Click a title to hear the song. An arrow will appear next to the song that is playing. Press Space if you want to stop any songs that are playing.
Some of the songs start very quiet, so don't be confused if the button doesn't seem to work at first.

Notes and Credits

This is a project that shows my latest songs. These are the five best pieces that I've made over the last six months. I used MuseScore for Embarkment and Unforgotten. I used FL Studio Demo for Distant. I used Logic Pro X for Rebuild and Turbo Submarine. I don't make games here anymore because I have become more interested in music. I made this project because I would like to share what I have made.
The song 'Rebuild' will be featured in an upcoming tower defense game by LS Inc.
The Song 'Turbo Submarine' will be in an upcoming game by
If you are in need of a song, I am available. You can just ask in the comments with a description of how it should sound and I will consider your request. Writing songs takes a lot of time and effort so I expect that you will work hard on the project, too.

Thank you for reading all of that and for listening to some of my music! Please comment if you have anything to say. :)

If you have a sound cloud, you can look at my profile in the following link to follow me on my latest songs:

The art was made by me using scratch. I programmed a random art generator that used lines and circles.

If you would like to use any of these songs for a scratch project, you may as long as you mention me in the notes and credits.

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