Lost Sisters

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This is a drawing request from @5pupil17, They are a nice friend and I was wondering if they wanted a drawing and a story so here it is and I hope they enjoy! ^0^
I am also thinking of creating it into a series like Violet, because I love the idea and have plenty of thoughts of how I would go along with the story between the sisters.

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Another day, another hour of miserable high school thought Mia.
Ok, the first character is Mia, She is a shy, kind, and friendly 14 year old girl at the high school and hasn't made any friends because people think and say that she's just a baby and should just go back to nursery.
And the other one...is quite the opposite.
On the right is Natasha, She is a funny, pretty, brave, popular girl and everyone wants to be her or be her friend. The thing is...Natasha is...a bully. And definitely not a nice bully. She is ever so vain and enjoys being mean to others.
So now we've been introduced to the characters, Lets begin.

"Augh! History! Hey Rebecca, can I copy off you?" groaned Natasha
"Yeah! Of course! Anyway are we going to that party tonight? I heard that a boy band from our school are going to be there and its gonna be a laugh!" exclaimed Rebecca
"Yeah sure. C'mon lets go"
"History!" said Mia happily
"Hey" whispered one of Natasha's minions.
"Who's that? Wasn't her name Mia or something?"
"I heard that she still has a night light in her room!"
Mia saw and glared at them from where her locker was.
They giggled and quickly went into the history class, All except for Natasha.
"Hiya girlie" She sniggered.
Mia tried to ignore her and carried on walking. But Natasha was in her way.
She pushed Mia so she banged against her locker.
Then Natasha walked off to her locker which was very close to Mia's. And pulled out a magazine. She smiled, which Mia had never seen before, And whispered "my dad"
Mia looked over to the magazine and saw a handsome man on the page labelled ' Jonathon Morris' and said "I actually think that's MY dad"
Natasha looked over to her. "In your dreams! Jonathon Morris is the worlds most fashionable and handsome man. How could he have a daughter like you?"
"No, I'm serious. My mum used to date him years ago but quickly broke up, And then he married your mum"
"Wait a second" said Natasha.
She looked at Mia for a while and a shocked expression came upon Natasha's face.
"I used to have blonde hair just like yours but I cut and dyed it, We both have blue eyes and I remember my dad had a photo of a baby who looks just like you, but I never asked who it was" Then Natasha screamed "SO MY SISTER IS THE SCHOOL LOSER??!!"
"Well I think so, my mum said that my father was Johnathon Morris and you were my actual sister..."
Then Natasha looked at Mia and Mia looked at Natasha.
Then they both smiled.

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