Fabricate Chapter Four

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Here it is! We are so sorry for the long wait for this chapter, and the fact that it's a little short. A lot has been happening in real life the past couple months and its been a little hectic haha.

Asaila is pronounced Uh-say-luh
Asaila is also a guy, as in a male

We love fanart but please do not ship Cameron and Asaila. they are based off of the two of us so we'd rather you don't. ^ ^ Thank you guys so much for your support!! Love you guys!! <3

The little indented square speech bubbles are SIGN LANGUAGE!

Feel free to ask questions!

Also, go through all the frames until you get back to the first one. We have two frames after the story ends and they are pretty adorable X3

Notes and Credits

Owned by: @-Fabricate-
Art by: @Tallwinds and @SenaSong212

Next Chapter: to be set
Last Chapter: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/164506718/
Pilot Chapter: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/148719753/

We wanted to show a part of Asaila's background, while also introducing the way their universe is ruled. If you have any questions feel free to ask, but we can't promise we'll answer everything right now!!
Also we wanted to show how bland Asaila's old school was (reference the first chapter when Frill says she hasn't seen a tree in years). We love you all!! Thank you for your support!!

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