Nature 3.0

See inside

Button I - Shows your life status;
Button S - Shows your materials;
Button F - Shows the stage of everything you do;
Button G - Shows your tools;
Button H - Shows your quests;
Button Q - Asks you what system you want to open;
Button W - Asks you what system you want to close;
Space - Asks you what you wanna do and you need to write like commands.
Button O - Shows: Year, Volume and Difficulty;
Note: The volume can be changed. And difficulty 0 means easy, diffculty 1 means medium and difficulty 2 means hard.

Beginner Pack - 2 Bread, 1 Cooked Pigmeat, 1 Honey Bottle, 3 Water Bottle; (tip: eat the bread, cooked pigmeat and honey bottle during the winter, eat apples until winter)

To craft something in the game you will need to look for it's recipe. Like the bread. Here are the following things you can craft/do.
Here are stuff from each list:

sleep (recharges your energy, the humans will start sleeping to recharge their energy, if they sleep by their own the energy will recharge slower, if you put them to sleep, the energy recharges fast)

bread, flour, pizza;


chicken, pigmeat, soup;

wheat farm, chicken coop, pig coop, barn;

glass /x5, bottle, brick /x5/x10, jacket;

(jacket will change the temperature outside when is spring or autumn + you also get points)


(sweater will change the temperature outside when is winter + you also get points)


So actually at glass and brick are like this, craft-glass, craft-glass x5, craft-brick, craft-brick x5... you understand.

The costs:

Bread - 2 Eggs, 5 Flour;
Honey Bottle - 5 Honey Comb, 5 Glass (to make the bottle for the honey);
Glass - 50 Sand;
Pizza - 8 Flour, 15 Mushroom;
Soup - 2 L Water, 20 Mushroom, 15 Wood (to make the bowl for the soup);
Cooked Pigmeat - 1 Pigmeat;
Cooked Chicken - 1 Chicken;
Boiled Egg - 1 Egg;
Water Bottle - 5 Glass, 0.50 L Water;

Wheat Farm - 25 Seeds (you will get seeds every 30 seconds from 2 to 5 random), 150 Wood;
Chicken Coop - 200 Wood;
Pig Coop - 100 Wood;
Barn - 20 Brick, 250 Wood;
Mill - 150 Wood, 25 Metal; (the mill is used to create flour, you cannot craft flour without the mill)
Lumber Camp - (it has more levels, click on the lumber camp to upgrade from a level to another) Level 1: 50 Wood; Level 2: 60 Wood, 50 Stone; Level 3: 150 Wood, 100 Metal, 20 Stone; (can collect wood for you)
Mining Camp - 200 Wood, 50 Stone; (can collect stone, metal and gems for you)

Bread - Gives 4 Hunger (Easy), 3.5 Hunger (Medium), 2.5 Hunger (Hard) (can be clicked 4 times until disappearing/being full eaten) Total: 16 Hunger (Easy), 14 Hunger (Medium), 10 Hunger (Hard);
Honey Bottle - 5.5 Hunger, 0.2 Hydration, +15 Sanity if eaten 3 times (not clicked) (can be clicked 3 times until disappearing/being full eaten) Total: 16.5 Hunger, 0.6 Hydration;
Pizza - 15 Hunger, -12 Sanity (Easy), -18 Sanity (Medium), -24 Sanity (Hard) (can be clicked 2 times until disappearing/being full eaten) Total: 30 Hunger, -24 Sanity (Easy), -36 Sanity (Medium), -48 Sanity (Hard);
Soup - 30 Hunger (Easy), 25 Hunger (Medium), 20 Hunger (Hard), +30 Sanity (Easy), +25 Sanity (Medium), +20 Sanity (Hard) (can be clicked 3 times until disappearing/being full eaten) Total: 90 Hunger (Easy), 75 Hunger (Medium), 60 Hunger (Hard), 90 Sanity (Easy), 75 Sanity (Medium), 60 Sanity (Hard);
Apple - 3 Hunger, +15 Sanity if eaten 45 apples (don't worry there are about 10 apples every 30 seconds);
Pigmeat - 15 Hunger, -25 Sanity (Hard) if eaten 7 meat, -15 Sanity (Medium and Easy);
Chicken - 10 Hunger, -25 Sanity (Hard) if eaten 7 chicken, -15 Sanity (Medium and Easy);
Boiled Egg - 1.5 Hunger, (can be clicked 3 times until disappearing/being full eaten).
Water Bottle - 5 Hydration, (can be clicked 9 times until disappearing/being full drinked).

Next I am gonna tell you what will happen during the game and what you can do:

First, every 3 years (at the start will be just 2) you will get a supply box that you can get from it different stuff.
Note: After the text on the supply box showed you must click it. Because every 10 seconds the stuff that is in it changes.
Every monday you will get a mystery box which will be filled maybe with many stuff, i don't know exactly it will be random. :)
When clicking on the sand that's in the bottom right corner you will get 2 Sand. When clicking on water you will get 0.5 Hydration, but when it's winter the water becomes ice so it won't give you Hydration, when it's spring the water becomes pure water so you will get 1 Hydration.

Every 30 seconds it will appear the apples, flowers and maybe honey combs on the screen, clicking on flowers will give you 5 Score each of them. Clicking on apples will give you 3 Hunger each of them. And the honey combs only appear if there are at least 5 flowers on the game.
You can have a family, every 5 years you will have a boy, every 6 years you will have a girl, every 9 years the boy and the girl will become mature and the parents will become old.

Notes and Credits

This project is inspired from a project and other games.
Here is the project that I inspired from "Minimals".
And the games: Minecraft, Strategy Games...
I want to thank them.
And also get ready to play!


v1.0 Released 15th February 2014:

First public release.
Added trees, wood, water lake, supply boxes, mystery boxes, sand, humans, house, barn, pig coop, chicken coop and wheat farm.
Added the following variables: Year, Difficulty, Volume, Materials (Sand, wood, clay, brick, l water, etc.), Energy (WIP), Hunger, Hydration and Sanity.

v1.1 Released 15th February 2014:

Added difficulties. Now it's much better. The game was hard. Now you can select the difficulty you want.

v2.0 Released 1st May 2014:

Added the following buildings: mining-camp, lumber-camp, mill, sheep cage; updated barn.
You can now see what's happening in every zone pressing F.
Added stone, updated water bottle.
The water bottle can you now finish, you need to take L of Water from the lake and you need some glass to make another water bottle.
Updated wood, the wood finishes now, you need a lumber camp to collect wood after that.
Deleted the highscore, it will be re-added when i will be able to create cloud variables.
Energy is no longer work in progress. The energy will be lost when the humans are working or they are playing. Having kids and old humans will make the energy to be lost fast. To get energy read the instruction section.
Added temperature. The temperature inside will be the same temperature as outside if there is no system opened.
Added systems, cooling-system (makes the temperature inside lower), heat-system (makes the temperature inside higher), you can get points if you have them opened at the right season and if the humans want them to be opened.
Added metal and gems.
You can get stone from the ground; but you can also get stone, gems and metal having the mining camp build.
Sheep cage, the sheep are home after the sheep cage is build, after about a minute they will go pascal. After they are back from pascaling you can click on the sheep cage to shear them to get wool, the wool reappears after they are back from pascal.
Barn was updated, cows now make leather and also go to pascal.
Added beginner pack.
Added jacket and sweater.
Gems currently do not have any use.

v3.0 Released 5th June 2014:

Added new backdrops!
Collecting L Water requires a well.
You can no longer collect water from the lake!
Added new structures: well, dock and updated farm.
Wheat farm has been renamed Farm, in a farm if you upgrade it you will be able to also collect tomatoes, radishes, carrots and potatoes. With all the vegetables make a salad of vegetables!
Added visitors! Nathan the Fisherman comes when you have a dock. Andrew the Traveling Merchant comes every summer and leaves every winter.
More Animals? Work in progress... that's for 3.1!
Hunting? Work in progress... that's for 3.1!
Traveling Merchant wants gems when you buy something from it. The Fisherman wants other things.
Re-added highscore.
Added quests! Type quest when you speak to the Fisherman and he has 8 quests, you can only have 1 quest at a time.
Added fishing! You can collect mini fish packs, salmon and carp! Cook them and eat them!
Recreated the system that shows you the materials, stages... now everything is on a list.
Added tools! Pickaxe, axe, shovel and fishing pole.
You get the shovel and axe at the beginning and they're made of stone.
The shovel cannot be upgraded. The axe can be upgraded to Iron Axe. The pickaxe needs to be first created as a Stone Pickaxe, then upgraded to Iron Pickaxe.
Fishing Pole, you can create a fishing pole by yourself, but you broke it. So when you create it you get a broken fishing pole.
You can buy 3 types of new fishing poles from the Fisherman. There is the short, medium and long fishing pole that you can buy from him.
The best fishing pole is the customized fishing pole. You can get that by fishing a quest from the Fisherman.
About each type of tool usability read in the instructions section.
Now it won't say "Easy difficulty selected" or something like that when you click the button, it just enters you in the game.
Fixed something with the heat and cooling system.

v3.1 Released 3rd September 2014:

Improved Mining and Wood Cutting system.
Added Cheese. Press C while having the mouse pointer on a milk bucket, after 90 seconds a cheese will appear.

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