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Hey, everyone! :D Welcome to the Official Sun Rising Background Character Applications! :D (Wow, that was long xD). Almost all of the instructions are inside; just use the arrow keys to navigate! :-)

8/13/17- Yay, Top Remixed! :D Thanks everyone! ^.^

♘ ALWAYS OPEN - You can remix this project anytime, and I will consider your character for future episodes. :-)

Have fun drawing! :-D

♛ Trailer:
♘ Official Studio:

♘♔♕ ƑAǪ ♛♚♞
(Frequently Asked Questions)

♞ What are background characters?
Answered on the first slide after the title page. :-)

♕ How many characters am I allowed to make?
As many as you want! :-)

♔ Do I need to remix this project in order to enter?
Yes, please. :-) It helps me keep all the entries together.

♚ How many characters will you pick for each episode?
It varies. :-) Episode 1 had just 5, but I may include up to ten in Episode 2. :-)

♕ Where/when does Sᴜɳ Ʀɪsɪɳɢ take place?
The world of Sᴜɳ Ʀɪsɪɳɢ is fictitious, but the time period in which the story is set is similar to the Middle Ages. Think Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. :-) But please check out the "Note on Clothing" slide in the project for more info. :-)

♘ How will I know if my character has been picked?
I'm not going release a results project, because I want it to be a surprise. ;-) Just keep a sharp eye out while you watch the episodes and see if you can spot your character! :D

♛ May I use one of your original characters as a template?
That's up to you. :-) I would actually rather you draw in a style that's more comfortable for you than try to replicate my style exactly. When I choose characters for an episode, I always redraw them in my own style while trying to stay true to the original character. :-)

♔ Will you have background characters in other episodes?
Yes, in almost every one! :-) I may choose some characters for future episodes that didn't get picked for Episode 1 (so don't unshare your project if you don't get picked right away!)

See if you can find the easter egg WITHOUT looking inside! ;P

God bless, and AGAPE on! <333

♘♔♕ CԻɛdiτʂ ♛♚♞

✐ Art: Parchment Background from Free Creatives. The rest is by me. :-)
✑ Font: Macondo Swash Caps, Berkshire Swash, and Helvetica
♫ Music: Sao Meo Orchestral Mix by Doug Maxwell/ Zac Zingler

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