The Song of the Cebú

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~Click the green flag a lot before watching for good timing~

Note: this AMV is around 3 1/2 minutes long, so be sure you have time to watch the whole thing :)

Rocket presents The Song of the Cebú, telling the tale of a boy and his three cebús embarking on an epic quest...thing...

...don't worry, it's a good story...I think...


Notes and Credits

-VeggieTales for creating this beautiful song
- @ycorrea for porting this beautiful song to Scratch
- @Dan0510 for the old movie effect
-Doritos for being in a box XD
-The internet for the hippo and water buffalo photos

Fun Facts:
-It was soooo fun drawing those slides in bitmap XDDDDDDD
-First time that Doctor Bill appears in this new version of my OCs! I needed someone to introduce the song at the beginning, and I found him lying around in my stuff and decided to use him. If you're wondering where he is in my old animations, he was one of my OCs back in the Snoopy Jones era on @Minion108 :D
-Ignore the fact that Doctor Bill calls Rocket "Larry the Cucumber" and that Minion needs to speak to "Bob" about the song, unfortunately the original song didn't have quite the right wording for my version XD
-Looking for some of my characters to use in your animations? Check out the inside of this project and I have some templates of them :D

Top loved on August 11, 2017! Thank you guys so much! :D

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