Bear Hunter v1

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Notes and Credits

Arrow keys: Move
[Z] - Punch, place object
[X] - Inventory
[C] - Achievements

Lag? Control glitches? Play the game here:

Watch me play the game here:

My web-comic:

How to use inventory: Arrow keys & Z to select item, then arrow keys & Z again to select action.
How to craft: Select item you want to craft (if it can be crafted, the word 'Craft' should light up.) Select the item then select Craft.

Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible.
You cannot hit or place anything while in water.
To get wood, acorns, and apples, hit trees.
Wood is used for crafting tools, acorns are used for planting more trees.
Shovels are used to dig up grass, sand, and stone.
Pickaxes are used to mine stone.
Swords are used to hit animals.
To place stone, wood, grass, sand, campfires and other objects, hold the objects then press Z. Grass, wood and sand can only be placed over dirt holes or water.
Eat food to restore health.
Hit pigs and sheep to get meat. Sheep also drop wool.
Wool is used to make string, and vice versa.
String is used to make fishing rods and tents.
In order to mine stone, you must be holding a pickaxe.
To cook raw food: Hold the food, walk to a campfire and press Z.
Bears come out at night, and they can injure you. They hide during the day.
Bears cannot spawn in stone or wood flooring.
You can use a shovel and pickaxe to terraform the world and protect yourself from bears. (i.e., mine a burrow, place wood, put up cacti defense)
Bears drop bear hide when killed.
TENT crafting recipe: 5 bear hides, 5 dye (of any color), and 3 string.
To fish, hold a fishing rod and press Z. When the fishing rod bobs, press Z again.

Sounds from YouTube and bfxr. Music is Highway 105

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