Wheel curves 6a / Hjulkurvor 6a

remixed by dodekagonia
See inside

PRESS ONE OF THE NUMBERS 1, 2, . . . , 9, 0
to see a pattern of wheel curves.
Press v, adjust the sliders for n and s, press v and green flag again:
- n is the number of curves (1-20)
- s is the scale factor
UseTurbo or not: Use n=1 and not Turbo to count how many full turns it takes to complete the curve!
If you want to interrupt the drawing of a curve, press red stop button and green flag.

Notes and Credits (added by dodekagonia)

- Four wheels with radii r1-r4, angular velocities w1-w4 and phases ph1-ph4. Or three wheels if you set r4=0. For rotational symmetry:
w2=w1+ka, w3=w1+kb, w4=w1+kc (k,a,b,c integers), i.e.
the differences between the values of w1-w4 are multiples of k. Here the idea is to create symmetry by using this fact when you choose new values for w1-w4!
- See inside and explore the code. I've written some comments in it hoping that they are useful and that you'll remix - there are so many beautiful pictures to find =).
- You can create an exhibition of new pictures for example by changing number values in some of the sprites and deleting the rest of them.

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