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- Click the flag
- Click down for about a second
- After the snitch animation shows (which is all @jd76's lovely art :) my art will slide in :P :)
- Click down to see it up close!

This is a fun tag by @jd76 which celebrates Harry Potter's Birthday (July 31). I know mine is a little late but I think that anytime is ALWAYS (hahaha puns ;) a good time to make some Harry Potter fanart!
To participate in the tag, simply remix :) You can add on to the 'slideshow' that I made that shows @jd76's snitch, or you can just erase everything and put in your very own art or Harry Potter fanfic.
Then tag 7 people!
The Chosen Ones (people I tag XD) are:
- @Glitter15
- @-Coralreef-
- @Rosyda (idk if you like Harry Potter but just in case :D)
- @ipzy (same as above ^ :P)
- @AnimationBunny (yes I know she's inactive but maybe she'll see this XD)

My art shows Harry, Hermione, and Ron underneath the invisibility cloak :)
To see it on my art blog, go here:

- Song is Hedwig's Theme
- Thanks to @jd76 for the fun tag! The snitch at the beginning is also theirs :)
- The font in the front is Mango Smoothie from @fontgod
- The Invisibility Cloak art is by me, @ExperienceSea :)

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