☁ Cloud Vote [Food Edition]

See inside

At this point, I think you know how it works. :P

Go through the project and answer the questions, then see what other Scratchers said! I know questions about food aren't particularly helpful, but... Hopefully it's still interesting to see what people think! I think it will be. :D

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, this includes drinks too. But it would've been weird to call it the Food and Drink Edition. That's just a little too long, y'know?

Warning: Due to cloud data issues, your vote may not actually count unless you wait a second or two in between each question. Just letting you know.

Wow, 10,000+ votes and 250+ loves in under 24 hours? Sweet, thanks! :3

Notes and Credits

Check out the Cloud Vote Studio!

Warning: Some people may lie about their answers! (Example: "Do you eat food?" Their answer: No)

Huge credit to @theChAOTiC for the text engine!

Credit to @-guy, @jboom25, and @megaman5885 for the theme idea.
Credit to the following people for some of the questions/answers:
@Rocket-Flier, @scratchww, @TheDiamondArmoured, @TheDwagonMaster, @ninjapuppies, @hiboli, @150qpillcorema, @-Auron-, @zacharycole, @MrRaisin, @314epic, @bogdan-2004, and @x__3

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