Epic rap battles of warriors #1: Snake-frost VS Lark-pounce

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I suggest slightly loud volume! Also, to vote for who won, please vote in the comments and/or go to this link and vote! http://www.strawpoll.me/13656253 (Btw the way to go to a link that won't bring u there just by clicking on it is highlighting it and clicking 'Go to *the link*') Okay, since none of you know who Snakefrost or Larkpounce are, here ya go!

Name: Larkpounce
Gender: She-cat
Clan: Dark forest
Rank: Warrior
Likes: Evil, killing stuff, torturing stuff, her apprentices killing stuff, killing stuff with a taco knife...
Dislikes: Her apprentices disobeying her, kind cats, non-evil cats...
Extra: When Lark-pounce was alive, she stabbed stuff with glass. And yes, her kill count is 5. When she went to the dark forest, she trained cats like Snakefrost (and Snakefrost!) to be evil.

Name: Snakefrost
Gender: Tom
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Warrior
Likes: Stabbing stuff with a taco knife, killing stuff, shouting 'DIE DIE DIE' while stabbing cats with a taco knife...
Dislikes: The same as Lark-pounce
Extra: Snake-frost will take the pain for almost any other cat that trains in the dark forest... Other than that he is @TheDabbingCoder s OC so ask him :3

(Incase you don't know)
Lark-pounce: Well it looks like Snake is back again to battle me! I taught you all I knew, but still you're weaker than a flea. 'DIE DIE DIE!' What kinda style is that? I stab cats with glass! My kill count? 5! And you're just lucky to be alive.
Snake-frost: Well, you stinky fleabag, you just sit and teach all day! What kinda cat just sits and teaches? Have you ever even TRIED to battle me? I didn't think so, you weak little flea.
Lark-pounce: What black and blue and red all over? A snake that just got burnt by me. Now you know why I call you snack, but maybe I should take that back. That would mean a cat might even want you!

Notes and Credits

Snake-frost: Written and played by @TheDabbingCoder
Lark-pounce: Written and played by @HorseGirlForever
Loudspeaker: Played by @HorseGirlForever
(Oh btw, the 'Whos next?' doesn't really apply... We already planned whos next ;). Check by my profile soon and it might be out!)
Lark-pounce votes: 2
Snake-frost votes: 0

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