Snake & Lasers Upgraded Edition 2.4! Christmas!

remixed by SavageUnicorn1765
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         << SNAKE & LASERS! >>
The game you never knew you needed. I mean, the original snake game is pretty cool and all, but honestly, it just didn't have enough.... lasers for my tastes. So I fixed it.

          << HOW TO PLAY >>
          Plays like the original snake game.
         Arrow keys to control your snake.
    Try to be CAREFUL to not turn to quickly, as you will die!
    Collect the pellets to increase your score and length!
Avoid hitting yourself, lasers, bullets, laser rings and the walls.
           Try to get a stupendously amazing score.
                    Post your best score!

Don't you think that the music totally fits the game?

Notes and Credits (added by SavageUnicorn1765)

I made it blue! ALSO try and find the easter egg! (It gives you a ton of pellets, like one every 0.01 seconds. It also makes you leave behind parts of yourself that you still cant run into. MINEFIELD!!!) Also changed the music and added something new. ALMOST all credit to @-TotallyEpic- and whoever that guy was who created exploding sheep for the music. NYAN CAT UPDATE!!!!! There is a 1/2 chance that everything will be Nyan Cat themed! It's cool! Sorry about the giant laser glitches. I completely lost motivation for this, so there wont be any new updates. Feel free to remix and add some! No credit needed.

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