Generating Terrain with Rockia (Scratch Camp 2017 ~ Dive Deep)

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(Cloning may glitch up. Click the green flag again if this happens.)

View this project if you haven't heard of the Elemental Hedge-Selkies yet:

In this project, you can use Rockia's earth manipulating ability to randomly generate a seaside terrain!

Press space to generate a new terrain.
You can even feed Rockia! Just press f and then click to release the fish.
Click on Staroid, who comes up occasionally, to switch to night or day.


Notes and Credits

For part 2 of Scratch Camp 2017: Down Deep

This was pretty simple; I created this in like an hour.

All art here belongs to me
Rockia and Staroid belong to me
Squeal sound effect was produced with my voice
Chomp sound effect is from the Scratch Sound Library

Day music is Forest Maze theme (Beatboy remix) [original] from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Green Forest theme from Sonic Adventure 2, and "Electro Cabello" by Kevin Macleod.
Night music is Mission 5 theme from Sonic Generations, "Some Nights" by Fun, and Windmill Isle Night theme from Sonic Unleashed.

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