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The Ninja 2 is out now:


✙ This is my MOST VIEWED and MOST LOVED project! xD
✙ 800+ loves | 600+ favourites | 11000+ views
✙ TOP LOVED - 4th September 2017! Thanks for all the love and support everyone. I will try to respond to all comments :D

✙ And a massive shoutout to @imeatingchocolate (love the username) for curating this project. Be sure to check out all my other projects :)

✙ If I get 300+ followers, then an even harder, faster and better platformer will be released...

✙ 100% Vector so full screen it! XP

Wadup everyone. It is FIawIess back again with another project. I finally finished this after ages of hard work and procrastinating. Hope you all enjoy it, leave a love if you did. Once you've beaten the game (or rage quit) then head on over to my profile and check out all of my other projects and, hopefully, follow. Enjoy the project and I will see you at the next one.

And please do not forget to smack that LOVE and FAVOURITE button for more epic games. Can't wait to finish the sequel to this game. It's gonna be LIT!

✙ Full screen recommended
✙ Feel free to look inside and use anything there, providing you give credits to the appropriate people.




✙ Arrow keys / WASD.
✙ Avoid red
✙ Jump with pink trampolines
✙ Tell me if you find a glitch
✙ Love, Fave, Comment your score and Follow!


✙ 1st August - Made the thumbnail and began writing this description.
✙ 2nd August - All of the intro animations, play button, and title graphics and scripts
✙ 3rd August - Procrastinated :P
✙ 4th August - Level 1-15
✙ 5th August - Level 15-20
✙ 6th August - Lol, just level 20-22 and music
✙ 7th August - Level 22-30
✙ 8th August - Level 30-40
✙ 9th August - Level 40-50 // Project Testing // Score (bottom right) // Shared!
✙ 2nd September - Front paged by @imeatingchocolate


@alphabetica - Ninja costume
@Vezto - Background and thumbnail (edited by me)
@BestPear - Logo
@imeatingchocolate - Curating this project
✙ Montserrat - Font
✙ TheFatRat - Music (Windfall)
@FIawIess - Everything else


✙ And yes, I am aware of how many games there are on Scratch entitled 'The Ninja.'
✙ No spam or advertising in the comments please


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