Split Circles into an Image

See inside

I fixed the lag! (Took me a lot longer than it should have...)

Mouse over circles to split them into smaller ones, or press the space bar to split many at once! Click the green flag to get a random photo each time (there are 4 different ones).

Each bird:
1. Northern Flicker [Yellow-Shafted] (F)
2. Barn Swallows (Both)
3. Northern Cardinal (M)
4. American Goldfinch (M)

Notes and Credits

8/5/17 - Got featured! Thanks for all the support. :D

This is inspired by koalastothemax.com and an idea posed by Spidertest. The code is a little sloppy since I just made a copy of my previous circle splitting project and modified the coloring, but it works well nonetheless.

Splitting Circles (Original):

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