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Coming soon to Dog Town: Movies, adoption center, and more!

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My first pet game.


you will start at your home press 1 to and 6 to change your dog.

press space to jump if you're in a training game, if you're not, your dog will follow your mouse when you press space.

the map icon in the corner of the screen will open up the map when you click on it.

in the map, you can play the training games by clicking the train your dog icon.

in the frisbee dog game, you jump to catch frisbees.
for every frisbee you catch, you earn $5.
if you miss one, you will go home.

in the hurdles dog game, you jump over hurdles.
for every hurdle you jump, you earn $5.
if you hit one, you will go home.

there is also a park and a shop.
in the shop, you can buy more food and water for your dog.

oh, and you can click on the items in your home to use them.

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