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Visit this website to learn about the definition of a flame war: https://sites.google.com/view/intlforums/flame-prediction/fpc-products

Using words and colors organized onto a half pie chart, you can easily identify flaming risks for a certain area of the internet. Because this project uses qualitative results, it may be harder in communicating specific risks. Therefore, this outlook should only be used to assess overall risks.

Several factors are taken into account when issuing the product.
- How controversial is the subject?
- How long is this incident expected to occur?
- Are there active moderators at this time?
- How many users are online?

Notes and Credits

+++ Please note +++
* All website predictions are normally made at 24 hour intervals.
* The product is valid 24 hours after the latest issue.

Here is version 2.3 of the Flame War Chart. This chart aims to make flame war statuses easier to communicate to the public by using colorful but simple and common graphics. This was based off of the fire level status commonly used fire danger chart due to its simplicity, and NOAAs assessments to severe weather ratings.

Version 2.3.1 now includes:
*A "NONE" category. This means flame wars are not known or a flame war is not imminent at all.
*A "NO CRITICAL THREAT" category. No organized flaming is expected, though, it is likely that arguments may pop up.
*Automatic Time Updates - the time of the last issue was made.
*Updates to some definitions for each category
*Updated acronyms used in NOAA's weather maps:
-MRGL for Marginal
-SLGT for Slight
-ENH for Enhanced
-MDT for Moderate
-HIGH for High
*A renamed title to make it more understandable to the public.
*An issued time and date stamp, formerly with the seconds for time.

This project will be used on my website to predict flaming.

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