~{Jump! JUMP!}~ (v1.1)

See inside

W/Up/Space - Jump
S/Down - Ground Pound
D/Right - Start Running
Click your person to change character.

NEW UPDATE! The Change Log is in Notes and Credits.

Welcome to Jump! JUMP! A game where you control a little small guy and jump over spikes. Collect the coins to get points. The green give you 1, the magenta give you 3, and the multi-color give you 8. Getting a new character costs 25 points, and there are 10 to get so far. Can you get them all?
New characters will be added soon.

To save your characters, press Export and copy the number given to you. Save that in Notepad or somewhere like that (NOT THE COMMENTS SECTION!). Then type that code in when you open the game and press import. If you type in a wrong code, it deletes all your characters. Saving characters does not save your points. It does, however, save your upgrades. Don't worry, codes without upgrades from the old version still work!

I really hope you enjoy this game! Leave any feedback or ideas for characters in the comments section. Have a good day!

Notes and Credits

Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYieEvSBeIs

SPEEDRUN - Get all characters as fast as you can, regardless of power-ups. I was able to do it in 12m 57s. Can you beat my score?

v1.1 - Upgrady Spiky Update ---
Added 2 Upgrades
- Jump Upgrade
- Point Upgrade
Added 10 New Characters
Added more Spikes (and other stuff too!)
And here's the more boring stuff:
- The retry button spins onto the screen.
- Added FPS at bottom right corner.
- Player death improved.
- More Control Variety

The coding and graphics were made by me, but I have to give credit to other people for other parts of the game.

Inspiration - @RememberNovember

Music - Jason Reed ( @jcreed on twitter)

Thanks to these people/companies for the characters (Don't read if you don't want spoilers for characters!)

Lazy Town
Scott Cawthon
Alex Hirsh
Toby Fox
and Matt Groening

More will come soon, so watch out for that!

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