Scratch Clicker 2.0

by -Bold-
See inside

A Scratch Clicker... (TAKE A LOOK AT OUR JOSH'S!)
Scratch Clicker Two!

For the first few days of it being shared it is more of test! Meaning I would love feedback and criticism! I will fix all the glitches that are reported. Do no expect this to be flawless quit yet! I worked very hard and this is complicated project so there will be most likely some faults. Thanks guys!

Click at the white envelope. Get messages!

Click the upgrade you want; however, it costs... The cost is below the given option. Space to go back.

Toggle the sound off/on

See the highest score!

After doing achieving certain unknown thing you will be allowed to clicked a "Booster" based upon the thing you accomplished it will give you points.

Notes and Credits

Change Log:
-Fixed appearing number glitch
-Fixed number placement on stats
-Fixed offscreen number error
-Fixed booster brightness affect error
-Improved offscreen number error
-Added shop 2 stats
-Edited shop 2 stats page

All programming by me.
Sounds from various sites.
Soundtrack from the movie rocky.

Sorry if the cloud does not work well, post your scores below in comments...

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There are some small glitches..
-To avoid glitches do not press space to go back before the page has fully loaded... Do not make unnecessary clicks to any buttons.

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