Isolation (Scrolling Platformer)

by uplift
See inside

Use Arrow Keys to Move
Press X to interact with things
Press X to speed up text
Press Up/Down to pick choice
This game is an adventure, in that you figure out what to do...
Hint-The ending involves the bird
Make sure to leave a love and favorite for maybe a sequel
Yayyyyyy, Top Loved!!!! 8/13/17
Top Remixed? 8/20/17

Notes and Credits

You can double jump...
Note: You are supposed to walk slowish
This took more time than I expected... too much
I created all of this myself, and used to make the music/sfx.
The idea is mine, and I just wanted to make an 8-bit retro game.
Created all 8-bit using Scratch's bitmap editor, and my gif maker:

WOOOOOOH +10,000 views!!! and 1000 loves

Here is a Walkthrough by @riflestance

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