The Elemental Hedge-Selkie (Scratch Camp 2017 ~ Dive Deep)

See inside

Press those arrow keys and read about the mystical ELEMENTAL HEDGE-SELKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and did you know you can click on the animals passing by? (Press d to do something to all of them, thanks to a glitch and probably them being a nuisance.)


So, in the future, if you want some more hedge-selkie art as well as more hedge-selkies, I can file your requests.

Notes and Credits

(Made for Scratch Camp 2017: Down Deep)

The elemental hedge-selkie is based on the real-life hedgehog (which is my favorite animal) and the mythical selkie. (Selkies are creatures in Irish mythology. They are said to be seals in water; on land, they shed their skin to reveal their human body.)

Elemental hedge-selkies and Mythical (the red wolf in the background belong to me)

Music is the Aquarium Park Act 1 theme from Sonic Colors
Sound effect when you click an animal passing by from the Scratch sound library
Sound effect when you click a squid is from a Splatoon commerical
Sound effect when you press an arrow key is from Sonic Adventure 2

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