Snake & Lasers! (Game)

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         << SNAKE & LASERS! >>
The game you never knew you needed. I mean, the original snake game is pretty cool and all, but honestly, it just didn't have enough          lasers for my tastes. So I fixed it.

          << HOW TO PLAY >>
          Plays like the original snake game.
         Arrow keys to control your snake.
   Try to be CAREFUL to not turn to quickly, as you will die!
    Collect the white pellets to increase your score and length!
     Avoid hitting yourself, lasers, bullets, and the walls.
           Try to get a stupendously amazing score.
                    Post your best score!

Would you believe that the too-awesome-for-the-game thumbnail only took like 15 minutes, compared to the hours and hours for the coding?

Notes and Credits

Thank you all so much for Top Loved! :D
And now What the Community is Remixing! xD

EVERYTHING is by me, @-TotallyEpic-, except for the score counter, which I believe is by @theChAOTiC!

Made within 24 hours!

As always, I'd like to thank everyone for the support! :D Have fun!

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