Snowman Hunter ⛄

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⛄ Welcome to Snowman Hunter ⛄

⛄This game is a humorous 3D game about taking a homemade air cannon and trying to stop the snowman apocalypse from taking over the world!
⛄ Spend about 30 mins trying to kill Boss snowmen while defending yourself against waves of mini snowmen, and then take a road trip to the store and running over as many of them as you can. Then spend all of your points on upgrades to more easily beat the game!
⛄Once you win the game, go back and play the mini-games to try and get on the top ten scores! (Brag Data)
⛄All instructions are inside the project, so make sure you read the tutorial pages! (Just spam anything during it to continue)
⛄Save codes are now implemented! Each save code is encoded such that only you can use it! so no save codes may be passed from person to person ;)

Fear them... They are coming for you... ⛄

I unfortunately had to do a full reset to 3 of the 5 highscore tables, because the cloud data did a bounce back to ancient versions of themselves. Nothing else I could do \(*_*)/

Notes and Credits

99% Me/My Dad
1% @Ante22 for the cloud list engine
@AwesomeFoursome444 for the 300th love!
Credits page is inside the project. A little Easter egg is inside ;D

Check out the Brag Data!

This project took around 4-5 months to make, having worked on it for several hours every day, so a love and fave would be much appreciated! (follows are also nice :) )

⛄Tip: Play the Road Rage mini game to get lots of points for upgrades, and then spend them in Shopper Showdown to quickly get upgrades!

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