The legendary valley

by 8161056
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hi guys welcome to the long awaited platformer
The legendary valley :D

The instructions are in the project but I'll explain them here too :)
use the arrow keys to move up+left/right keys to wall jump.
if a level is to hard or difficult press S key to skip a level.
if a button is gray it means it's locked,
the button with the > facing arrow sends you to the next level.
the button with the < facing arrow on it brings you to level select
were you can choose what level you would like to play.
I'm sure you can figure out the rest if not ask questions in the comments :)
your village leader was kidnapped by a tribe from the darklands. your leader was going to be sacrificed as an offering to there malevolent and cruel gods. you wanted to save him but the only way to get there was to travel through the legendary and mysterious valley.

Notes and Credits

could you guys take a look at a friend of mines youtube channel :)

thanks to @Hanzhe for the hills, stones and grasses in the background.
thanks to @fontgod for the title font
thanks to @SCRATCHERNUMBERONE , @Brundinet , @ninjapuppies and @TheCanadianCuban for beta testing

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