Sanctuary - (unfinished) Story Mode Contest 2017 Entry

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First off, a big thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in seeing this continued. However, I'm trying to focus on finishing Isle of Dolor right now, so I'm not planning on doing further work on Sanctuary for a while. Also, I've realized that Dolor and my original concept for Sanctuary have an awful lot of thematic similarities, so I plan on completely redoing Sanctuary in the future when I eventually return to working on it.
Let me know if you find any bugs; due to the rushed development, the coding is pretty crude.
Current duration: about a minute and a half
It has been five years since the third world war reduced much of the world to rubble. Survivors from all over converge in the mountains of Afghanistan, far from the irradiated wastelands that cover most of the globe. They seek somewhere with clean water and food that they don't have to steal. They seek a hidden city where they can find peace and safety.
They seek Sanctuary.
All instructions should be in-project, but in case you need reference:
Click on the green flag to start
Click on "new game" to begin
Press space to advance through text and interact with objects
Use the arrow keys to move

Notes and Credits (added by DanloVorje)

Ended up not having enough time to finish the project :(
Doesn't really meet any of the competition guidelines: it's too short, it has no choice and no quicktime event; probably would have taken 1 or 2 more hours to add enough to make it long enough.
So I guess it's a short animation now.
You can poke around inside to see a mockup of the conversation system. If I had more time I'd also be adding a puzzle that Marjan has to solve inside the abandoned building instead of just picking up the radio, and another action sequence at the end where Marjan actually meets L, the other character in the thumbnail, and the two have a conversation.

Things to add:
- Music
- Sound effects
- A puzzle inside the abandoned building (similar to Lights Out)
- At least one choice and one quicktime event
- A scene where L saves Marjan from the bandits
- A conversation (dialogue tree) between L and Marjan, likely reusing the dialogue engine from my Cormorant RPG engine.
- A few more characters so it doesn't look like Haamid is Marjan's only traveling companion. It's supposed to be a small group.

Total development time so far: 1 week (I started early on in the contest with a different project but completely scrapped it and started over after getting back from 2 weeks of camping in Nevada with no computer access)

Comment to let me know if you think I should continue this, or just focus on other projects like Isle of Dolor.

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