Music Box

See inside

Click on the lines to place a note, which is a dark gray dot.

The gray button can be clicked to toggle if you are using erase (deletes the note) or place.

You can scroll with your mouse to edit other parts of your song, or you can use the up and down arrow keys if it is easier.

The pink button plays and stops your song when clicked, and it will automatically loop. You can also change the tempo, or speed of your song, by dragging the slider.

To obtain a code, simply press the space-bar and wait for a while as your song is being converted into a number-based code. Copy and paste it somewhere where you can get it again to load your song.

The blue "L" button will load a song with a code. You can also paste in code from others around the world (or some sample ones I wrote down below)! But loading a song will delete your current one, so save it somewhere! When you press space, you will load the code, but it might take a while. Then you press L to load it. Reply YES if you want to continue, then paste your code. If it's very long, then it could be laggy, so reply yes to the warning!

Have fun composing your own little music box!

Notes and Credits

OMG!!! I (think) FEATURED ON 8/14/17!!!
This is amazing! I would not believe that this happened. (979 mail)...
I can't reply to everything, because that would take forever, but if it is important, than you can comment on my profile!

UPDATE: As of 8/15/17, I replaced the spaces with periods so that the commenting system doesn't remove them. YAYAYYYYA. But it might not work, as i can tell from others...

Also, you guys should suggest any thing that should be added...
And I HATE EXACT COPY REMIXES because then I feel sad...
So I'll report them...

All art by me. Most of the music-box is made of pen! All code by me. Notes from Scratch music blocks.

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