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❀Getting curated by @piecone34! Tysm!

❀ Welcome to the adventure of the four girls - Estella, Beatrice, Harper, and Shara! None of them want to be in charge of an element, But they don't know a way to take them away.

❀Episode one: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/170033026/

❀ I have been secretly working on this for a few weeks, and I restarted twice, I nearly had to restart this one. Because I deleted a really important script and I had a massive meltdown.

❀Running time: 2 mins 18 seconds.

❀Estella of the sun: Controls the sun and the light, she knows if she gives it up her and her friends and the whole world will be in the dark. (In episodes voiced by @Moonwhispr)

❀Beatrice of the moon: Controls the moon and the darkness, Also the night. a great leader and role model. (In episodes voiced by @Treesause)

❀Harper of the stars: Controls the stars and the galaxy, She is very kind to others and loves helping. (In episodes voiced by @Climbing_Ivy

❀Shara of the shadows: Controls the shadows and the evilness of the world. Also going to be VA by @purplewolves: Shara is a very quiet and mysterious girl but inside she is hiding something darker than the darkness if they gave up their elements :D

❀Estella's name was from @cs101200
❀Beatrice's name was from @purplewolves
❀Harper's name was from @thewolverinechaos
❀Shara's name was from @Moonwhispr

❀If you think this is like other series like @ivypool2's: The power of four, You are incorrect, I started this before she put that out but an inspiration to animate was from:
@(And so many others!!)

- The song is "Light" By Sleeping at last: It's an amazing song, First, it was "Saturn" By Sleeping at last but I heard of Light and I cried (I'm not trying to make you cry!! XD0

❀I started to cry when I was watching it when it was the bit when the earth came over - It was a great cry, I know this trailer isn't good at all, But I was so proud of what I achieved, :D

- WARNING: This is ear bleeding my voice is so loud 0-0 XD

❀The lip sync when they're talking, Was destroyed because it was really bad XD

❀Also, The red eyes at the end were a touch of Shara XD

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