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Notes and Credits

After a long time of waiting, the Seagulls Stop it Now MAP is finally finished!

Thank you to all the talented artists/animators who participated!
@CakeflavoredEgg @ellatheblue @CodePoodle @TacocatX @orqid @eggnormous @mewals @qhastly @Koukla_20 @DestinationUnknown @WooflesWaffles @HunnyMelon @BlossomRunner @-PearlSparkle- @FlameShredded9 @yourownsketches @uoonicorn

and thank you as well to the users who volunteered as backups
@hizy @DreamMist @jaswu2080

original youtube video:

the thumbnail is yoda bub (queen bub+yoda) fighting a seagull
queen bub is our glue bottle mascot

edit: Thanks so much for the feature (10/10/2017) ! We were totally not expecting it, we've read all the comments but obviously, we can't respond to them all, but thanks for so much for the positivity and nice comments, we were not expecting 1831 messages! Also check out all the participants, they're cool

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