Nancy Mulligan SPMV

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(Timing may be off sometimes, but it's much better than the timing in my previous SPMV)

In 1943, at County Wexbord, Ireland, during World War 2, Shadow, despite being in the Chaos belief, proposed to and married Blaze, who was in the Sol belief.

A very wonderful message.

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Notes and Credits

Song is "Nancy Mulligan" by Ed Sheeran (who looks like Ron Weasly)

Shadow, Blaze, the Chao, Sonic, Amy, and Silver belong to SEGA
Night (the black cat), Moon (the silver vixen), the fox with silver and black fur, Lilac (the lavender hedgehog), and Redstone the Echidna (Blaze's father) belong to me

All art (except for the Mario screenshot) here belongs to me

Beetles is a parody of Beatles

Music at end is the Moo Moo Meadow themes (Mario Kart 8 remix) [original] from Mario Kart Wii

All of the art here, except for the ones specifically marked with the year it took place (and the ones taking place in 2003), all take place in 1943.
Yes, Redstone is Blaze's father.
And bikinis did exist in the 1940s.
A secret GIF exists. Try to find it.
The picture (in picture of a elderly Shadow and Blaze) of Night and Lilac takes place in the 1950s, but I used 1970s wear instead. Oops.
The Chaos and Sol beliefs are supposed to be fantasy world substitute of the Protestant and Catholic religions, which was used as an important part of the song.
The dance Blaze, Shadow, and Silver were doing was the Irish set.
There are some secret recordings inside...

If you want me to do "Afire Love", another Ed Sheeran song which is about his grandfather too, sure, but I'll cry...

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