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(I created this silly animation to cheer myself up, after being depressed about Evan Stanley and my future.)

When you fail to achieve something, throw things out of the window, if no one's down below.

(This is just an exaggeration, I don't actually become insane when my best art doesn't get popular)


Notes and Credits

All art, except for the two pieces of art in the DeviantArt recommendations section (which were from DeviantArt themselves) and some of the stuff thrown by Mythical (one of them was drawn by @SilverAndKaylee), are by me, even the pencil drawing!

You can see it here: (it was unpopular also)

Evan Stanley belongs to the successful people(?) and the world
DeviantArt belongs to the Internet and Web 2.0 (I know the stats aren't located under the DeviantArt recommendations, I just wanted to play with that)
Mythical and Enchanted belongs to me
Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA

Music playing in the beginning is "Merry Go" from incompetech
Music during the negative thought wave is the Sonic CD American boss theme
Music when Mythical begins drawing is the Green Forest theme from Sonic Adventure 2
First interval music is a sped-up portion of "Closer" by the Chainsmokers
Second interval music is a sped-up portion of "22" by Taylor Swift
Third interval music is a portion of "Cool in the Cold" from Club Penguin

"Can you please not throw stuff at me" voice clip was done by me, with the Windows Sound recorder, because the Scratch sound recorder was being a jerk
"Ow my face" voice clip is from the YouTube animation, "Sonic '06 in 06 minutes"
Screams are from Sonic '06

Music in classic ending is "Rockstar" by A Great Big World

Wow, the internet here in the university dormitory is surprisingly much better than the internet back at my grandma's apartment.

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