Connect Four

See inside

To start, click the green flag.
Then click one of the options.

- Player vs Player
Play against someone else on the same computer.

- Player vs AI
Play against the AI that I created.

The aim of the game is to get four coins in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
The first person to get four in a row wins.

Notes and Credits

If it is too easy or too hard or you want a point system then go here:
Thanks to Scratch and the some music sites for most of the sounds.
Thanks to Inkscape for vectorising the board.
Everything else is by me, @-CodePro-
This project took me about 12 hours to make.
Loves and follows are appreciated.
Go check out @-Oltimate- he's my brother.
Shoutout to @Joshdog2014 and @Dashingdash for suggesting it.
I made the board 10x10 rather than 7x6 because 7x6 is too small and makes the game too short.
I also made it blue vs red, because I felt like it.

The AI is possible.

- Woah! #1 trending in games!
- Reduced loudness of sounds.
- Fixed main menu glitch where you could highlight both options and a line would appear between them.

- WOW! FEATURED!!!!! Thanks so much!

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