Couch Potato Simulator

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WARNING: This game can be unsettling to some users. If you find yourself getting creeped out by Phillip the Robot Bunny Rabbit, feel free to stop the game.

You have not moved from your couch in two years. You have survived only on potato chips. But one day, in the middle of the climax of 'Revenge of the Rabid Robot Rabbit', your bladder gets the better of you, so you pause the film to use the toilet. When you return, you are faced with every couch potato's nightmare. You can't find the remote. You cannot continue your indefinite movie binging without it, so try to find it as quickly as possible.

Notes and Credits

Increased screen brightness is recommended for this project, it is hard to see otherwise.

Images and music made in Blender and GarageBand respectively.

Thanks to @-Antarctican- for the the text on the menu buttons.

Thanks again to @jackthecreeper for the looking around script.

Toilet flushing sound effect is from this project:

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