Tea Brewing

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Notes and Credits (added by sekkai)

um featured 7/20/17?? Thank you so much! That was a real surprise /-/v-// thank you for the comments I appreciate them; I might not reply but Ill try ^_^ -v-;; big thanks to @Fawxie for their sweet message and for recommending it!

Follow the directions carefully, do it slowly, and don't stray off to ensure the best experience! Otherwise you'll probably start stumbling upon glitches :)

Entering: GAME section

*Please play in full screen! Sprites with the drag option don't work properly under normal view*


▻Congrats on 4000~! //turns entry in on last day -v-;;;
▻Click the flag once, wait until every sprite has shown then click the flag again
▻Although there are 3 types of tea to brew, they pretty much follow the same process, so it doesn't matter much which one you choose *v*
▻ asdfghjkl; I pretty much spent all my time on the last drawing (and I still call this a game cx) and crammed everything else into the last 3~4 days just sitting in front of the computer TT v TT
▻ Steps and instructions are all in the project, enjoy!
▻ Tell me if you spot any glitches or bugs, because I'm aware that there could be many
(ack I honestly didn't expect something that was supposed to be simple turn into this whole mess of unorganized codes lol; there sure are a lot of broadcasts...)
▻ This is probably the project Ive spent the most time on so far -v- maybe 2~3 days of work straight...lol;; did a ton of research so by now I can pretty much draw a yukata without looking at anything uwu

-ehe Ive been experiencing a lot with lighting lately ovo

Notes and Credits--
▻honestly I just googled the information about the teas so it's definitely possible I missed something or got something wrong; tell me if you see a mistake!
▻~and so to note most teas come from Camellia Sinensis, they are just processed differently, so I didn't add that fact to all of them
▻Green tea is not oxidized, oolong is semi-oxidized, and black tea is fully oxidized.

Note for brewing irl: Before finishing this whole tea-brewing process, it's best to take out the leaves with a strainer or something to stop the infusion; I didn't show this process because I dont find it all that important (I usually skip it) and I just can't be bothered, so... :D

▻ Here are the links to the steps I used:

▻ Resources for information: (visit them if you're interested :) )
http://theteaspot.com/about-tea.html <-- recommend
Wikipedia ^^ (just looked it over)
I think that's it...? Maybe some others

Red Leaves by nobutaka daigo
Tea Ceremony - Brandon Fiechter (I love their music ovo)
The tambourine is not part of the music but something extra I just added ^^
and some sfx I found on YouTube (ahh the kettle whistle though :'D)

Thanks @lc01607 for their project on a velocity script that helped me better understand how to use it - https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/91348604/

I did not draw the marble texture (the counter) It was a texture I googled and I simply adjusted the placement and edited it a bit. http://dienstleistung-kultur.de/jquery/ui/marble/css/images/white_marble_75.png Drawing marble is beyond my ability but thats how I imagined the game so I went along with it ^.^
The tea paper was also an image I pulled up with google

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