How to Get CLEAR Images on Scratch

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Thanks for top loved! // July 17, 2017

This is a tutorial showing how to preserve your photo's good quality when importing into the Scratch Vector Editor!

My dad, @qubits, explained to me that png's are often 'squished' into blurry pixels because the Scratch editor simplifies the pixels to fit the size of the editor. An svg 'tricks' the editor so that it doesn't simplify the pixels- making the image look more like itself in Scratch.

All you need is Google docs! I mostly do this with png's, but if you do it with a jpg and it's different, just ask me and I'll figure something out.

All the "screenshots" of Google docs are actually drawings by me, done in the Scratch Vector Editor. I didn't want to use screenshots because the format didn't fit into Scratch very well, the text was a bit hard to read when shrunk, and I sort of like the 'look' of hand-drawn vector images :) I hope you enjoy them! Each one took a very long time :)

If you are using this method, the faster running the computer, the better. On chromebooks, be patient because it takes a long time, but it works great on Macs.

+ Huge thanks to @Hermione-Stranger for telling me about this method! I thought I would make a tutorial to share this with even more people :)
+ Thanks to @Except for advice with the mouse trail
+ All art and coding by me, @ExperienceSea (Except for the Google Photos icon in the thumbnail, which was taken from Google images)
+ Thanks to Google for making Google docs
+ Mango Smoothie is the font in the thumbnail
+ Thanks to @qubits for explaining how this worked! He is an electrical engineer and coder, and his projects are really cool :)
+ Music is 'Happy Rock' from

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