How to Obtain the Golden Chaos Emerald?

remixed by PrincessPandaLover
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Watch as 6 Mobians try to snatch the prized Golden Chaos Emerald. Will they, or won't they? You can keep track of who's in or out.

(This wasn't meant to be good, so I don't care if this receives hate.)

You can view my 2 earlier remixes of the original project with these links: (Animal Jam) (Club Penguin)

(For those wondering about the scene in which Rouge and Knuckles fall down, Rouge accidentally pushed herself and Knuckles off the cliff.)

DISCLAIMER: No Mobians or robots were hurt in the making of this brief animation, even in that ending.

Notes and Credits (added by PrincessPandaLover)

Credit to @catoverlord for the original project (I loved it when I was younger)

Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Silver, Knuckles, Shadow, and the Badniks belong to SEGA
The golden Chaos Emerald belongs to no one
All Sonic images used were from Sonic News Network

"It Doesn't Matter" (SA2 remix) [original] from Sonic Adventure
"Fly in the Freedom" from Sonic Adventure 2
"Dreams of an Absolution" from Sonic '06
"Unknown from M.E." from Sonic Adventure
"Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" from Sonic Adventure 2
"All Hail Shadow" (Sonic '06 remix) [original] from Shadow the Hedgehog
"Kick the Rock!" from Sonic Adventure 2
Dream Bobsleigh theme from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

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