Scrolling Game Tutorial

by ipzy
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Notes and Credits

- View in fullscreen so you can read the blocks
- Use the arrow keys to move

This is a remake/update of my old scrolling tutorial I made in 2014:

This new version uses clones instead of multiple sprites for the Terrain and I made some changes to the code and tutorial text :-)

Let me know if something is unclear or if you have additional questions!

♪ The song is Midnight Snack from Bee and PuppyCat

★ Tips

- Make sure your Terrain sprite's costume matches up on both ends. It can help to make the drawing extend past the edges of the canvas (when using vector)

- I recommend 8 - 12 frames for a player walk cycle

- For vertical scrolling, change all the X's to Y's and 480 (the width of the stage) to 360 (the height of the stage)

- To make the illusion of depth, you can have multiple Terrain sprites that move at different speeds because objects that are farther away move slower. For example, in this project I have the grass and rocks as one sprite (Terrain 1) and the water and mountains as another (Terrain 2). To make Terrain 2 move slower, change the "When I start as a clone" script to multiply Scroll by a number less than 1 (like 0.8 or 0.4). See inside for an example of this :-)

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