Two-Sided (a platformer game)

by Meap77
See inside

Welcome to Two-Sided :)

Instructions are included in-game

If anything goes wrong during the game just press the "R" key to restart the level... there are 15 levels in total, also, DON'T use fullscreen!!

(all levels are possible ,but press "S" on your keyboard to skip one...)

Notes and Credits

» Music used: "Time Lapse" by TheFatRat
» I had to borrow some code (but I can't remember who I took it from!) because I'm terrible at platform physics, but I tweaked it a bit to code for the whole "double gravity" thing
» The font is "Unica One"
» Sound effects are from & @littlekitty5
» All graphics (except text) and most of the code are mine!
» I was inspired by a game I used to play when I was younger similar to this (can't remember the name though!)
Remember to love and favorite!! :)

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