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(So... the text art breached spam filter apparently T_T, so you can find the text art inside the project :P)


"Instructions unclear- got stuck in a vacuum" :l

- Press the green flag and look up at the stars! You may just see us :P

- Use the arrow keys to navigate through the project- it's a fairly small project right, but it outlines a few things that we came up with as a team over the competition!

During the Scratch World Olympics, Team Supernova was a team on Discord made up of 5-7 people:
@KJEKJE (me); @Frctr; @the_red_general1; @qrown; @Lemon_Lime; @Hungry_Sushi; and @ZLGames!

As it's also on Discord, this team spirit project is probably the only thing I'll be able to share here related to it, as I'm not really sure how much the Scratch Team likes external sites.
No worries though- no personal info's here! ^-^

Everything I wanted to post here has been added! Thanks for checking it out! :D

- All the artwork in this project was made by me, but credit to @the_red_general1 and @Frctr for the original logo design. (I just did it again in SVE) :P
- Coding is all done by me too, using an older script made on my test account :D
- Instrumental music is by @the_red_general1, which we used in Event 3!

In fact- for all the team credits, they're all inside the project! X=D

So, with that, don't eat my cheese sandwich, stay tuned for more, and Scratch On! X=P

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