Remix your Steven Universe OC gem with Aquamariene!

See inside

Flag! Then press space to see the backdrops!
There are two backdrops to chose from to put your Steven Universe OC (Or the actual characters in the show!) You may put more than one OC/Character with Aqua!
You can also do both of the Art backdrops with your SU OC/Character/s!
1st Art Backdrop (Aqua taking a selfie) : Put your SU OC/character/s with Aqua in a pose for the selfie!
2nd Art Backdrop (Aqua playing hide and seek with Steven in the clouds) : Put your SU OC/Character/s in one/some of the clouds! Make sure they look like they are playing Cloud-Hide-and-Seek!
NOTE: It is better if your SU OC/Character/s knows Aquamariene/me (Not the Cannon one in the show) already...

Notes and Credits

Thanks to @Gold_Moon for that sparkle coding! (I got really lazy and did not have time to make the sparkle sprite's coding... ;-;)
The rest is all me! I made ALL the art! Including the backgrounds!
Aquamariene: 100% belongs to me ( @-Aquamariene- )
Yes, I did do the art on FireAlpaca, thats why its quite pixely when I uploaded those two backdrops...;-;
I really do hope you remix with a SU Character/OC!
Please love and fave!

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