6/10 Part 6

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Notes and Credits (added by EllaPHNT)

9-9-17: Finished MAP! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/168806958/

9-6-17 Top Loved! Thank you all, I hope you look at some of the other amazing parts of this MAP and support the MAP when it's finished! <3
9-12-2017 Off the front page! <3 Thank you all for the support! I truly appreciate it!

Thank you so much @forever- for letting me have a part of this awesome MAP!
I hope you like it!!

Again, with no lyrics, I really got to be creative!

So, I'm dangerously close to the due date XD In fact, it's today, 9/2. I'm so sorry it took so long, I spent the afternoon yesterday and all day today working on it. I hope my poor animation skills worked up a part worth the wait ;v;

This MAP is about not feeling your best, when you feel like you're not in control of what happens in this long chain of events. Everyone has those days, when nothing's going your way, and you feel out of it, as if the day chose that day to just.. hate you. Just so you know, we ALL have been there, some had it worse, some hasn't, but just know there is SO many people who are always behind you and love you no matter what. Conquer those bad days and never let them control who you want to be~

So credits -
Thank you to @forever- again, for letting me be in this MAP, I'm so sorry it's late
Thanks to my sister for helping me work out the mechanics for the walk cycle XD Unlike the one I did in 'Touch the Sky Part 5' (which is unshared now), this one was based off real walking, when the other one, I just guessed. XD This one looks SO much better
The font for the thumbnail is called Sad Jane, which is so fitting XD (again, completely drawn by me, but inspired by the real font ;) )

and I hope you like it! <3

This MAP part has taken the longest mentally to do TTuTT XD But it was WORTH IT ahHA

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